Tiny Houses that Made Us Fall In Love with Tiny Houses

Tiny Houses that Made Us Fall In Love with Tiny Houses

I guess you could say that this website is sort of a misnomer. (At least for this post) Tiny apartments are great for the big cities like Boston, Hong Kong, Seattle, New York or San Francisco, but my heart has always been outside the city. To visit and to work, yes. It’s the city. But to live? Many of us do our best living outside cities even if you don’t realize it yet. And so we present to you the tiny homes that may have started the love affair with tiny homes:

The “Inside the Peasant’s House” Diagram from Middle School

inside tiny peasant house illustration

Hopefully I’m not alone here on this one, but as a kid I remember these illustrations in school text books that always got my mind wondering on how it must had been living in old Europe. I’m sure life was very hard with long hours of manual labor and bad sleep on beds made of straw but look at that fireplace! Look at the rustic farm table and imagine having a cool drink from that beautiful hammered copper pitcher.

And speaking of “Look Inside” illustrations, here’s some more for inspiration:

Look Inside Tree Poland Text Book
H. Rembowska (illus.) and H. Bielińska (design), for Z przygód krasnala Hałabały, 1950
A House by Kyamori
richard scarry books
Lovely illustration from Richard Scarry books.

Hagrid’s Hut in Harry Potter

Hagrid’s Hut Movie Still

The imagery in each Harry Potter book is so vibrant that each of us have our own image of what Diagon Alley, Hogwarts and Hagrid’s hut should look like. Hagrid’s hut was a place of comfort for Harry & the gang. Refuge and relief make this a happy little home.

Hagrid’s Hut Interior

I wonder if JK ever finished building the “real thing” on her estate?

City of God Houses

city of god movie houses
Small houses in City of God

City of God is an incredible movie and the scenery is raw and unforgettable. Even though we don’t see very positive things happening in these homes, the images are still captivating. I wonder about the lives of each resident in each home, from the 5 year olds playing soccer to the grandmother sitting inside in front of the television.

Small homes seen in City of God

Doll Houses

I wonder if having a doll house as a kid subconsciously plays a part in gravitating towards small homes?

Doll house illustrations by Laura Ashley
Doll tree house found seen on Miniatures.com
Doll house made from a small drawer!

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