10 Commandments to Avoid Becoming an Office Worker Drone

10 Commandments to Avoid Becoming an Office Worker Drone

1. Thou shalt not wear thy ID badge on thy hip, around thy neck, or anywhere else on thy body.

2. Thou shalt not buy or pack the same exact lunch every day


3. Thou shalt not have a mega commute.

commute hell

4. Thou shalt not be ignorant of the big picture of what your company and industry does and represents.

homer face

5. Thou shalt not leave at closing time on the dot. Show your boss the benefits of flexibility- stay late when you need to, get the OK to leave earlier when you can.

5 o clock

6. Thou shalt not be complacent in thy role or compensation.

money bags

7. Thou shalt not complain about coworkers or participate in workplace gossip.

office water cooler talk

8. Thou shalt not overshare details of thy personal life.

kelly office

9. Thou shalt take time off and explore thy own creative potential.

beach vacation

10. Thou shalt find work that grows with thee.

job confucius quote

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